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Dark Knight III Master Race, Millers Back!!!

      Ever since the first Dark Knight I have been hooked on this timeline and this world.  From Bruce Wayne training a new Robin and finally coming out of hiding as a badass bitter Batman.  Then Batman called out Superman as a Boy scout for the government.  In Dark Knight II the focus was more on reassembling the rest of the super heroes that had been forced into hiding.  Fighting against President Lex and Brainiac the nations security.  Now in DKIII Master Race the Kryptonians in the miniature city of Kandor have tricked their way out of the city with plans to conquer earth with their new leader Quar.  Meanwhile Clark (Superman) and Diana's (Wonder Woman) daughter is having an identity crisis that conflicts with her new father,mother and her baby brother.   Quar the self proclaimed leader and new god doesn't ask much of humanity just complete devotion or he will destroy them with his army of Kryptonians.  The fight that ensues is well written and has some fun twist.  There is also some great inserts that Frank Miller did which add fun back story to new characters.   Frank Miller and Brian Azzarrello have done a great job putting this story together especially with Andy Kubert's and Klaus Janson's fantastic art work.  I highly recommend the series if you get the chance or you were lucky enough to grab the first two and want to complete the whole story.


One… Two… Three.. JUMP!


     I have to admit I was hesitant at first to pick up the Player Unknown’s  Battleground (PUBG), especially since Fortnite Battle Royale was free and it essentially the same game.  After talking with my crew I decided that it would be a sound investment for some fun.  From the moment you pop into PUBG you are being attacked by anyone with an opportunity while just waiting for the lobby to fill.  Next you load the jet and the game begins.  You will quickly have to determine the best place for your squad to parachute safely on a HUGE MAP!!!  Once on the ground you will be racing from house to house with your head on a swivel looking for some form of weapon to protect yourself.  Each location holds the potential for items with a level of 1 through 3 such as protection items in the form of a helmets and vests.  You may find a bookbag which allows you to carry more goodies.   You could find 1 of 3 health packs including pain killers which actually recovers permanently lost life or can be used as a buff in a tight situation.    Weapons come in all sizes, from handguns, submachine guns, light machine guns, and sniper rifles.  You must always be on the lookout for attachments for your guns to make them better.  If all that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is.  Oh yeah did I mention the ever-shrinking perimeter that you have to stay in, if you don’t you take damage.  Yeah, it’s a lot to contend with considering the whole time your doing all that there are potentially 96 other people trying to kill you.  It is amazing the adrenaline you will get when gun shots reign down all around you and you realize someone is literally about to step on you as you are laying down hiding in the grass.  When the game is working there is nothing like it, but I do have a couple complaints. The biggest thing is the shear amount of times I have been kicked out of the game at crucial times.  It seems like every session I play, it is almost guaranteed I will be kicked at least 3 times and it is littered with lag.  The second big problem with the game is lag.  In a game where time is of the essence, I don’t want to stand outside of a house that looks like something out of Beetlejuice as soon as I land waiting for textures to load.   The other minor complaint would have to be the reward system.  The rewards are terrible, and you get a lot of duplicates.  Duplicates only give you 30 credits back for a reward that cost 700 credits which is terrible considering it can take you a couple hours to earn that kind of money.   All in all the game is tons of fun when it is working properly and I still realize that it is basically a game beta.  Since spending my 30 bucks on this game though, I haven’t been able to stop giving myself heartache one after another with each match trying to be the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.



Horizon Zero Dawn...Holy Tutorial Batman.

After hearing everything people had to say about this game I decided it was time to pick it up and find out what all the hoop la is about.  First off the game is absolutely beautiful with interesting and dynamic environments.  The story is in depth but a little to slow for my taste.  They combine the beginning story with the introduction tutorial which is way to long in my opinion.  They could have condense the instructions down to about a 20 min time frame and still been as good.  I felt the game play is a weird amalgamation  of Assassins Creed and Tomb Raider.   A good mixture of parkour and exploration.  You will get to follow the main mission with a ton of side missions to increase your abilities.  Those missions will bring your you across all sorts of creatures to fight.  Everything from humans from different tribes to warthogs in the wild and robotic sabretooth tigers. There is terrific sound in the game, from the ambiance of nature to the mechanized dinosaurs that roam the countryside.   I have not finish the game yet , but I intend on picking it back up and "hacking" my way through to the end.  Forgive the bad pun.  With the scoop of the game alone and knowing they are about to release an expansion, I highly recommend Horizon Zero Dawn.  


New Gears of War Elite Controller.

I have been looking for the right time to get one of these customizable controllers.  Now with the Gears entry I can't wait to get my hands on it .  I will be using mine day one when Gears 4 comes out how about you?    

Defenders.....Yes Please

     It seemed that Marvel and Netflix may have missed the mark just a little bit with Iron Fist with its inconsistent writing and weak fighting choreography.  Defenders went a long way to to correct things that needed to be fixed though.  Danny Rand seemed a much better fighter and way less chatty about his billions.  Thank God.  The writers did an outstanding job bringing all of the characters together in a organic way that made sense.   Daredevil's stomping grounds Hells Kitchen has been taken over by The Hand.   Sigourney Weaver plays one of the main antagonist Alexandra who brings back a major character to help The Hand procure New York.  Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage must work together to figure out what Alexandra and The Hand are up to, before bringing untold horrors to New York City.  It was a blast to watch and a quick binge at only 8 episodes.   It is totally worth the time to watch, 2 Heels way up!!


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