The 4 Couchmen

I have been playing GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V (Five)) since it came out; I ended up getting it for both the Xbox ONE and the PlayStation 4 because I have friends that play on each system. I played some of the story mode but honestly I was having so much fun playing online heists with friends that I didn't finish the storyline.

I started off playing mostly on the PS4, but that crew ended up playing other things and didn't have time to play GTA V. I talked the Xbox crew and I was only able to get up with one other person; SplikLaga, who is my co-op player for life. It was fun playing and we were talking to a friend of mine, D-Rock who said he had the game and traded it in and was thinking about picking it up, I convinced D-Rock to pick up the game and he did! We played as the orgasmic threesome for about two months (by the way SplikLaga and D-Rock HATE that name).

One night we were playing a mission that definitely required four people to play. I made the suggestion of Puertoricanjudo, he's someone I went to high school with and he's someone we had played Tom Clancy's the Division with on a few occasions. The other guys agreed and I sent him an invite. That night we played for hours and we each had a blast. We ended up playing every night that week, we laughed, we talked, and we got to know each other even more.

We are all over the age of 30 so we were around when video games first started, we all have kids, and we all have the same sense of humor (minds stay in the gutter) I was happy to find that we all meshed really well. I had known that we did well playing the Division but Grand Theft Auto was a different kind of beast. So I guess this is where I should add the side note that I was already a friend with each of them individually and because of Xbox Live and Grand Theft Auto V they became friends with each other.

We play at least twice a week and if scheduling allows we will play more, and we dubbed ourselves The 4 Couchmen of the Videogameocolypse. We are a silly bunch, but I wouldn't have it any other way. This band of misfits has been there for me at my lowest and has faith in me with the business I'm trying to create. I would be lost without these guys... Thank you gentlemen!

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