Still a Boy's Club?

I have been playing video games since I was five years old. I don't consider myself a professional, I think I play decently and could hold my own. I have a gaming crew, and I am the only girl. I am one of six females I personally know that play video games to the 27+ males I know personally that play. My crew consists of myself and two guys we invite a fourth person to play with us from time to time and 100% of the times its another guy.

I noticed this past week more than ever how they treat me while playing any shooter game. First it was with the game Gears of War 4. They only asked me if I was OK, if I needed help, how was my side. They didn't ask each other or worried if they needed help... just me. I tried to brush it off but it got under my skin because gears is one of the few games I feel comfortable in. Then we played Destiny 2 and my kills were getting stolen, I was the only one getting the same questions asked, and when I would stay behind to kill enemies I was told to forget it and just move ahead but they would stay back and get kills. I would like to say I'm over reacting because I'm the first person to say Destiny 2 or any first person shooters are not my forte because I'm new to FPS due to finally getting my motion sickness under control. But I'm notice them treating me like that on so many other games with the exception of Grand Theft Auto V. I haven't asked them why they treat me like that, maybe I should, although I feel that they would say they never noticed it, which could be a possibility. It just gets to me that no one else gets asked if they are OK, need help, or get their kills taken away.

Thanks for letting me vent!

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