A Cup of Joe Pt. 2

Updated: Feb 16

Sigh, here we go... So while waiting for Dr. T to talk to Joe's teacher.... Mrs. G..... She tells me about Joe's talking and acting up. She sends me a letter she wants me to give to the 1st. doctor, Dr. M., explaining why Joe needs meds. The problem with this letter is most of the things she wrote, her whole class does. She said Joe steps on kids, well while I was volunteering at the school Santa Shop I was going from one room to another and in the hallway I saw Joe's class walking to lunch. I stopped to see if Joe would do anything (like act up) instead I saw a little girl step on the back of Joe's sneakers. At first I thought it might have been an accident, maybe Joe stopped short and she stepped on him, but no she kept stepping on him and to my shock Joe did nothing. I walked up to the little girl and asked, "Did Joe do something to you?"

She doesn't look at me and simply says, "No."

I asked, "Then why are you stepping on him?"

She still doesn't look at me, "Because I want to."

I smiled because that was such a real, honest answer and then I said to her as nice as nice can be, "Can you please stop because I pay for his shoes." She finally looked up and me, half smiled and stopped. Mrs. G. states Joe blows on kids faces while in line, the only thing I can say to that is what Joe has told me which is him and his friends play the staring game and blow on each other’s eyes to make the other blink. She writes he's in a constant state of motion which is true, because unless he's writing a story, reading, or making a movie, Joe is always moving. She writes Joe needs supervision during recess to make sure he plays appropriately, but Joe tells me his digs in the dirt with a friend, and that's all they do everyday during recess. I'll post the full letter along with his most recent grades and behaviors at home and in school in a separate blog.

Mrs. G. also tells me she is willing to redo the form for it to reflex that Joe has ADHD. I never told her that all 5 forms came back basically the same, just a couple of differences but nothing to conclude Joe has ADHD. I say nothing, well nothing to her! I did tell anyone who would listen.

I decided to enroll Joe in soccer. One of the things that needs to be done is Joe needs a physical. I get an appointment, oddly enough the day of the appointment Joe wakes up sick, fever, cough, runny nose. The doctor, Dr. B. is willing to see him for both things because the office was slow at that time. While he's checking Joe out he asks me if I have any concerns. I tell him sadly nothing he can help me with. Dr. B. stops and looks at me and says try me. I tell him EVERYTHING... things Joe does at home, things the teacher says he does at school. I told him of the research I did on my own and it kinda leads to autism but I wasn't sure what to think. Dr. B. says he kinda sounds like a high functioning autistic, but I should make an appointment with a behavioral therapist who is in the same building. So I did.

A few weeks ago Dr. T. calls me and says, " I talked to the teacher, she wants him on meds so we will put him on meds." Dr. T. has not seen Joe in that capacity, now I'm not convinced he read Joe's file, and probably does this a lot. So I reply no we will not put him on meds and that Joe has an appointment with behavioral and Dr. T. replied "Oh yeah that's a route you can go." I thanked him and hung up.

Yesterday... Lord help me yesterday, I get a text from the teacher that Joe wrote a story, instead of reading a book, or working on an assignment, it has his classmates in it, and that it has the type of violence you find in a video game and comic book. I told her to send it home because I already know the story (because Joe writes pretty much the same stories) Mrs. G. says she sent it to the office. I am livid! I speed to the school and go into the office. Joe gets called up and I ask him about the story. He gets teary eyed and says, "Stupid story I should never have written it." I hugged Joe and told him that's not true, I told him his stories are great. He said the Mrs. G. said he can no longer write his stories and he said now I have nothing to do. I asked to speak to who ever had his story and I was taking the story and Joe home. The principal walked out of her office and sat with me in a small room, she said Joe is not in trouble and that someone in the office read the story and said it was good there was nothing wrong with it. I was so overwhelmed I told her EVERYTHING and she was surprised to hear the things Mrs. G. had said. We walked out of the room and the principal tells Joe to finish the story because she wants to read it. He smiles and says ok. On the ride home I asked Joe why didn't he read in class? He said because he already read his 2 library books and he isn't allowed to go to the library, and the books in his classroom are and I quote, " Below my reading level, they are for little kids, and I want books that are informative." I said you are allowed to go to the library with a buddy! Joe says I have to wait until they are done reading and working and they take longer than me, so I decided to write, and now I can't even do that!

I got home took a shot of vodka, made a cup of Bailey’s, and called a lawyer....

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