A Glimps Into Autism in the School

Updated: Jun 20

Getting the diagnosis that your child has Autism can be overwhelming. Your perfect child is still perfect but now you just want to hold them a little tighter, you find yourself staring at them smiling wondering what are they thinking? It can also be overwhelming and maybe even scary to send them off to school.

Ms. Patsy has been a special education teacher for 12 years and speaks about some of her experiences in the classroom with children who have autism.

Patsy mentions that talking to the parents can be tough, "Not all parents are willing to open up about the possibility, some parents don't have the knowledge to know they need to think about those things. You just learn to word things and guide them gently."

Joseph age 11, who is a high-functioning autistic 5th grader, stated he doesn't mind going to school because he gets to hang out with his friends in between learning. When asked about how the kids at school treat him he stated, " Some kids do treat me differently, I don't let it bother me because I have my real friends." "I think differently and it took a while for my mom and dad to explain it to me. I have autism. But my friends don't care. We laugh and play, and they like that I am super smart at math because I can explain it differently to them than my teacher can."

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