Box Car: Keeping You Young At Heart

Box Car in Durham, NC, is a wonderland of old-school arcades, pinball machines, and traditional bar games such as air hockey and hoops. This family-friendly, establishment is popular in the Durham area. From birthday parties to doggy playdates to just a night out hanging with friends, Box Car is always buzzing with people. Everyone is in good spirits laughing and chatting not only with the people they are with but also with strangers. Before leaving, many people chose to donate leftover coins to kids to continue having fun. The pizza in Box Car Durham is cooked in a woodfire oven, and when asked about the ingredients, one of the chefs stated, "The bacon, sausage, cheese, sauce, and dough are all done in-house." There are 14 different pizzas to choose from, along with salads and pretzels. On the other side of the pizza parlor is a full-size bar with over ten drinks on tap, including margaritas. A person could spend hours enjoying the atmosphere.

All the employees are friendly and helpful. When asked what he loved about working at Box Car, a three-year employee replied with a huge smile, "Oh, that is easy. It's the people! I have met so many people from all different walks of life, different backgrounds, and I never get tired of it." Bring your family, friends, even your dog to Box Car in Durham and play the day away.

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