Getting Ready For A Stream

Updated: Apr 11

Streaming has grown so much over the past ten years, not only with the number of people who are streaming but also with the way streamers go live. In this video, we get a glimpse of how a streamer gets ready. There are details that viewers might not realize goes into getting ready for a stream. Checking equipment, making sure cameras and microphones work, getting the lighting just right, and ensuring there are no software updates. Most streamers are getting ready 30minutes before they actually hit the "Go Live" button. This still doesn't guarantee anything won't be wrong, but at least it helps catch some of the things that might with enough time to try to fix it. There is also getting the beverage of choice ready such as water or an energy drink, recording the promo for the stream, or getting the team together if the game is a multiplayer game. There is equipment that can help cut some time from a setup, such as The Elgato Stream Deck, which can help get the word out on Twitter that a streamer is live, turn on lights, and change camera angles all with a press of a button. Amazon is also a great place to find streaming equipment such as lighting, headphones, and microphone. No two streamers get ready the same way. Some meditate, stretch, and others have done this for so long it's second nature for them. They don't have to think about what needs to be done. No matter how you get ready for a stream, the most important part is remembering to have fun.

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