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East Coast Game Conference

The East Coast Game Conference celebrates video game designers, programmers, and creators. This three-day event helps people connect and network with each other and display video games they are working on or demoing. In between gaming, there are panels and industry professionals as keynote speakers. Everyone is friendly, approachable, and willing to help if anyone has any questions about creating a game or breaking into the gaming industry. The excitement is felt in the air as college students enter and meet some of their idols. First-time creators' nerves are put to ease within minutes as people praise their new game and give constructive feedback on how to improve. Newcomers Quid Pro Quo games and Lost Paws welcome players to their booth to be the first people to test out the games, while gaming seasoned industry, Funcom talks to college students about possible ways to get into the industry. Keynote speakers Steve Reid and Josh Fairhurst talk about their time in the industry and insider knowledge. David Klingler gave a fascinating panel about mental health and escapism in video games.

Vendors like Sircastleteees sold custom controllers and custom sneakers. Their booth also displayed a 3D printer and every day they created something different which had conference-goers visiting their booth every day. Remarkable Designs created ECGC shirts on the spot for customers. Customers were able to pick the color and design they wanted on the shirt size they knew would fit.

ECGC is a conference like no other and if you would like more information you can visit their website .

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