Updated: Feb 16

These past couple of days have been fucking shitty! My Sims 4 gameplay was choppy, and my Gears of War 5 gameplay had a horrible echo! Geez it's like every time I take a step forward, I take 7 steps back! I went to record for Issues With... and my internet went out and didn't come back until 7:15pm! Thank God it was working for the Notcho Friends Podcast. Then today... THIS!

I was driving home after dropping off JoJo at school, a truck's wheels kicked up this rock and it came crashing threw my passenger side window! I thought it was a stray bullet the way it BOOMed threw the window. The rock hit my arm but it didn't even break my skin or leave a bruise on me. So it all happened at the same moment: BOOM, sharp pain in my arm, I yelled, thought of God it's was a bullet. Then I looked down and there was the rock, I look over to my side to see all the glass. I yell, "You have got to be fucking kidding me!" I honk my horn to get the truck driver's attention, he rolls down his window and I show him the rock as I am yelling at him. We pull over and he walks up to me and asks if I'm ok. I yell at him, "Fuck no I'm not ok! My fucking car window is in a million pieces." After I say that it all hits me and I have an anxiety attack. He was super nice and apologetic and called the police. After 3 calls to Zac and one call to Janna I get a hold of Zac and tell him what happens. The police show up I tell them everything and they are trying to calm me down and tell me not to drive if I can't focus or breathe.... I wanted to tell them I was having an anxiety attack not stupid. But all I could manage was a nod of my head. Zac showed up after everyone had left. He cleaned my car and told me what we had to do. He took Janna to school so I could put a shot of Kahlua into my coffee.

The day went on... I picked up the kids and when we got home they were acting up, being annoying, and of course being jerks to each other and me! (When did I become their punching bag? This shit is going to stop soon though) Zac decides to take me out to dinner. On the drive to the restaurant he asks me exactly what happened because I was not able to tell him earlier. I start and within the 1st sentence he is laughing his head off. I didn't understand what was so funny and he said it was my ghetto/hood mentality thinking it was a bullet, I told him I didn't see what was funny because that's the way it sounded, it was traumatizing... and after that I just shut down. I barely said anything. And even though this is kinda petty the food and service at the restaurant SUCKED. They got Zac's order wrong, and we waited 10 minutes to get ketchup (we were eating fancy burgers) the food was meh... and now I am so tired and still kinda out of it. This weekend no one better need me because I am DRINKING ALL WEEKEND LONG!

Stay Nerdy (and safe) My Friends!

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