Lance Fensterman King of Conventions

Lance Fensterman is president of ReedPop, the company that runs New York Comic Con, Penny Arcade Expo, Star Wars Celebration, EurgoGamer Expo, MCM Comic Con London and most recently E3. Lance has been in the convention scene since 2006 when he started NYCC (New York Comic Con), and had been president of ReedPop since 2009. Lance helped ReedPop transition from in person cons to online cons when Covid hit. Lance now has worked on making cons both online and offline. Lance is hands on when it comes to the cons he helps run, meaning on show day you can find him on the con floor making sure things are running smoothly and if not figuring out ways to fix the situation. Lance has been featured in Forbes Magazine for his work on PAX East and Entrepreneur Magazine for creating NYCC. People should follow Lance Fensterman on social media to keep informed on news and updates on most of the biggest conversations in the United States. Unfortunately, Lance and NYCC are not on Reddit but there is a NYCC Reddit page along with PAX East Reddit page along with other convention Reddit pages that keeps people informed and posts messages from Lance's other social media pages. For people who are interested in what goes into con life, who are the faces behind creating some of their favorite cons, or who are even looking for entrepreneurial inspiration should follow Lance and learn about his work and how he got to be where he is now.

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