Soupa Saiyan A Must Visit

Orlando Florida has a lot of great gems in it and one of those gems is Soupa Saiyan restaurant. A Dragon Ball Z themed soup restaurant. Grab your closest anime loving friends and head on over. The walls are filled with different artwork of your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters from Goku to Frieza to everyone in between. The skateboarding decks will leave you wishing you could have those displayed on your walls at home. There are display cases with collectable figures and hard to find Funko Pops. There are custom shoes, T-shirts, and even Dragon Ball Z themed board games in the display cases as well. The menu is easy very straight forward; appetizers: Shrimp Tempura, Crab Rangoon, and the popular dumplings which you can order steamed or pan fired. There are specialty bowls: Vegeta Rain, Vietnamese Pho, or Korean Fire Noodles just to name a few. You can also build your own bowl. You pick your broth, noodle, and two toppings. The kids bowls are pretty much the same as the adults “build your own” except it does not come with vegetables. If you have room after the soupa bowls you can also order Japanese Cheesecake or sugar donuts for dessert. The bowls are so big you can feed about four to five adults or take it home for a week’s worth of leftovers. But it is worth it, the food is so flavorful and the atmosphere is so much fun you’ll probably won’t notice how much you have eaten. Soupa Saiyan is a definite must visit.

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