hair loss, strengthening our hair, and how to get the curl back in both of are hair. We began researching the best ways to care for our hair. Through Amazon*, I was able to order everything I need to being this next part of my curly hair jorneny. I am adding the links* to everything I got so you can join in our journey as well. 

I wear my hair in a ponytail more than I should so I stopped using the tight black scrunchies and ordered Vaga Cute Scrunchies because it is made out of satin and it won't break my hair. Now that I have my every day settled I needed to make sure my every night was covered as well. I ordered BedSure Satin Pillowcase and Yanibest Sleep Bonnet.
I wash my hair once a week at the most twice a week, I use Shae Moisture Shampoo for curly hair and Shae Moisture Conditioner also for curly hair. To dry my hair I got YoulerTex Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap, and for styling my hair I ordered the 7 Row Cushion Nylon Bristle Brush and Heeta 2 pack Hair Scalp Massager, which can be used with wet or dry hair. As I stated this journey to healthy curly hair is new for me if there is a product you think could help me please let me know in the comments below. 

*These are Amazon Affiliate Links. I do receive commission on anything you order. Thank you!