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About Me

"It's your world, go make it nerdy!"

Hi, everyone! I'm Katherine, aka, TheHighHeeledGamer! I am a full-time journalist and streamer. I have been a freelance entertainment journalist for over ten years. I travel the East Coast to conventions and interview people in the video game, comic book, and cosplay industries. My talk show, The Late Night Nerd Show, can be found on YouTube. Along with interviewing, I also do reviews of anything and everything nerdy. 

I am a variety streamer, mainly on Twitch, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, but I also started streaming on TikTok. I have been streaming video games for about seven years, but I have been playing video games since I was five. 

While I am TheHighHeeledGamer, convention floors are uncomfortable, so I wear Converse to prevent pain. 

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