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About Me

"It's your world, go make it nerdy!"

I am a gamer. I've been playing video games since I was five years old. My dad brought home the Atari with Pac-Man, and I was completely hooked. I now live-stream video games on Twitch and I have been streaming for about years now.

I am a full-time interviewer for two shows. The Late Night Nerd Show on YouTube, where

I attend conventions and interview vendors, cosplayers, and congoers. And I interview people in the comic book industry and review comic books, movies, and TV shows that are comic book related on the show The Breakdown, which airs live on Facebook and YouTube. I have been a freelance entertainment journalist for 10 years. For my media kit please click here: Katherine's Media Kit

Remember, I'm TheHighHeeledGamer, not the High Heeled Cosplayer/Interviewer... so if you see me not in heels, more than likely, I'm not playing a video game.

Thank you for coming to my page.  

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