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Get Inspired by Colin and Samir

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Colin and Samir had a whirlwind of success in 2022, hitting one million subscribers on YouTube. It may seem like an overnight success, but the truth is that it has been a ten-year journey for Colin and Samir. Colin and Samir have built their reputation as experts in their field through the interviews they are done and the education they provide about the creator economy. And use platforms such as Reddit for small creators to learn, interact, and help one another.

Colin and Samir started their YouTube journey in 2012, and they started as a sports channel dedicated to the sport of lacrosse. In 2016 they decided to pivot; they started interviewing creators on YouTube, talking about the Creator Economy, and discussing how YouTube monetization works.

Colin and Samir began interviewing other YouTube creators and asking them questions about what has worked and what hasn’t worked on their journey, what tips and advice they can give other creators, they ask about money, and ask about future plans. Creators such as Mr. Beast, MKBHD, and Ryan Trahan, have all talked with Colin and Samir about their journeys on YouTube. Each of them had a different journey, but something they had in common was that they put the viewer experience at the forefront of their video ideas and execution. Colin and Samir make their guests feel welcome, and the conversations feel as though friends are catching up with each other. Transparency is part of Colin and Samir’s winning formula.

Something Colin and Samir do well is branding. Between their logo, which is a silhouette of their faces, to yellow as their brand color. They even took a book from the clothing brand FUBU with their tagline, “By Creators, For Creators.” (For those that don’t remember or may not know, FUBU’s tagline is “For us, by us.”). Taglines that are short and to the point are easy to remember.

When it comes to YouTube, many experts, such as VIDIQ say consistency is key to growing on YouTube. Still, in a recent podcast episode, Colin and Samir stated that the landscape of YouTube is changing,

“The right video right now will find viewership.” “I don’t know if the platform is rewarding consistency the same way it was in 2014. It’s more about quality.”

They have admitted that they try to stay consistent with a every Monday upload, but one of their most viewed videos was uploaded late, on a Wednesday, to be exact. They understand that quality over quantity is important in the YouTube culture.

But above all, the key to Colin and Samir’s success has been hard work. They understood if they wanted to grow, they needed to take the work seriously, they needed to find joy in what they did, and respect the viewer's time, all while educating them on the ins and outs of YouTube. Quality over quantity, mental health over burnout, and love for a career, Colin and Samir’s success should inspire and motivate creators to follow their dream and reach their goals.

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