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Explore the Cosplay Scene at a Brand-New Convention!

Updated: May 22, 2023

Cosplay World is a new convention in Richmond, Virginia that highlights the art of cosplay. Created by Marvel comic book artist Jason Keith, Cosplay World brings cosplayers from near and far together to discuss techniques and to show what new cosplays they have been working on.

Held at the Richmond convention center, the weekend is packed with special guests, panels, vendors, and a live DJ in the lobby.

"This is the best three-ring circus I have been a part of."

Jason Keith cosplayed a Ring Master and stated, "This is the best three-ring circus I have been a part of."

Jason was everywhere at once at the con and never once looked stressed or worried. He looked like a kid at a candy store, having the time of his life.

The DJ was on point, had the music non-stop, and it was all fun and lively. The DJ always had a smile on his face. He took so many pictures with con-goers and was the life of the lobby party. He was kind enough to step out of the booth to take a few pictures during one of the songs.

Vendor's Hall

The first floor was dedicated to the vendor's hall and special guest section. There were various vendors, from handmade jewelry to special effects makeup artists, and Cosplay World made sure to have something for everyone. All the vendors were so nice and happy to participate in the first Cosplay World Conventions. Some special guests included voice actor Mark Britten, yellow Power Ranger Tracy Lynn Cruz, and Batgirl Karen Whitfield.

Cosplay World had some great panels that weekend, including cosplaying on a budget, creating cosplay props, and a master class, How to Draw, with Marvel artist Karl Moline.

Of course, the convention wouldn't have been such a great success without the fantastic cosplayers showing up. People from near and far arrived to show off the cosplay they had worked hard on. Below are just a few cosplayers who brought characters from popular comic books, anime, movies, and more to life.

Cosplay World Richmond's first year was a hit, and when asked what's next, Jason Keith stated, "We are taking this on the road! I plan on having Cosplay World in other states and sponsor a few cosplay contests at other conventions."

Visit the Cosplay World Website for more information.

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