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What Makes Cons Fun For Artists?

Karl Moline is a well know Marvel comic book artist and, like many others, is excited that cons are back from their hiatus due to Covid. Karl has been attending cons as an artist for about 25 years and does not plan to stop anytime soon. 

Conventions are designed to meet other people who enjoy the same fandom and to meet some of their favorite comic book writers, artists, and celebrities from popular movies and tv shows in the nerd culture. Karl is one of several people in the comic book industry who loves attending conventions to interact with people.

"The fans, the fans are the main reason I go to cons. There is no other place where the fans can come up to you with their favorite comic that you drew in hand and have a conversation with you about why it's their favorite."

Karl stated after the interview. Karl is based out of Florida but does not mind traveling, especially with his best friend and fellow comic book artist, Morry Hollowell. They are very much like the Odd Couple, but Karl states that cons are fun with fans but not complete without Morry. Karl travels the East Coast setting up tables with his artwork and works on commissions through the convention weekend. Depending on how elaborate the request is, Karl can get most commissions done by the next day after the request has been put in, but there are some detailed requests that Karl cannot finish in the short time of the con, and he offers to ship for those commissions. Karl is a humble artist and enjoys laughing, he does not like living life too seriously, and cons help make life a little fun.

"The change of scenery is great. Each con has something different to offer, and you never know who you are going to see or meet. I do get to see a few repeat fans, and I do not have a problem talking to them because I get to see what they have been up to since the last time I saw them. Of course, the fans I meet for the first time are great too. They come up with comics you forget you worked on, and it's so great to talk to them about it."

Karl did not state which will be his next con, but he did suggest visiting his Instagram and Facebook pages to stay up to date on projects he is working on and if he’ll be at any cons this year.

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