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Comfort With Heart

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

During the pandemic, many of us fell into easy and comfort by wearing tights, sweats, and leggings almost every day, and most of us used them for their rightful purpose. I purchased so many from different companies, but no matter how many I bought or where they came from, I would never seem to make it through a whole day without feeling trapped in my clothes.

Once the lockdown was over, I found it hard to let go of the "Pandemic look." While helping a client with an event, I came across a vendor, Geek Fit Athletics, we became in contact with one another, and they have sponsored this review. Geek Fit Athletics sent me Games Central Yoga Leggings and their My Hero Academia-inspired Nerd Quest High Waist Yoga Leggings.

The first thing I did was put it through the wringer... literally. I followed the directions on how to wash and dry them. Then I washed them with like clothes in a regular cycle and dried them regularly as well. Finally, I threw them in randomly with clothes that were the opposite of what the tag recommended. It was pleasant to see that both tights held their shape, length, and color. (Please note: I never used bleach in any of the washes)

Care Instructions

I wore them in between washes while biking (indoors and outdoors), lifted weights, did some yoga, and ran earns. There was never a time in the two weeks of testing these leggings where I had to adjust my waistband or the ankle area, and the leggings stretched with me as opposed to restricting me. During the earns, I could get in and out of the car without having to adjust any part of the leggings.

Comfort while bike riding

Bend & Stretch with ease

Bend & Stretch with ease

These leggings proved to be better than any other leggings I have worn simply because of comfort. I fell in love with how comfortable these leggings are. By the end of the day, I didn't feel trapped or my anxiety rise in these leggings. I was so impressed that I went ahead and ordered two more leggings, two dresses, a crop top tank top, a sports bra, and a robe.

I didn't know just how much I would need Geek Fit Athletics and their leggings.

On December 21st, 2021, my husband was admitted to the hospital because he was having a stroke. I was with him from 11 am to about 2 am. But I remember vividly at about 4 pm, I ended up having a slight panic attack because, on top of everything that was happening, I started to feel restricted in my clothes. I felt my leggings cutting into my stomach, tugging at the fabric by my angles to get some release. I tried to focus on the real issues at hand, my husband, but the leggings I was wearing from a name-brand store were setting my teeth on edge. When I arrived home at about 2:15 am, I threw the leggings away.

A few hours later, after a power nap and getting the kids situated, I decided to wear one of the Geek Fit Athletics leggings to the hospital. I spent the day at the hospital entirely focused on my husband and all the information the doctors gave me. Again, I arrived home at about 2 am, but I did not throw away these leggings. I sang their praises! I wore Geek Fit Athletics leggings until my husband came home at 6 pm on Christmas Eve.

I sent the owner of Geek Fit Athletics a message about how their leggings helped me. Still, I don't know if they fully understood just how important that was for my family and me and how I will be forever grateful for the quality they provide in their clothing. I love them so much that I applied and was accepted into their Ambassador's Club.

Do you want comfort? Do you want to show off your nerdy side? Geek Fit Athletics is the brand for you! With different sets and accessories to choose from for Men, Women, and Children, Geek Fit Athletics has got you covered. Head over to Geek Fit Athletics website to see the different styles they have to choose from, and use promo code: HHG at checkout for a nice little discount.

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