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Don't Drop The Mic.

So, you got Amazon gift cards for Christmas, and you're probably wondering what equipment you should get for your stream or podcast. Well, there is one piece of equipment I feel is the most vital for you to get. If you can only get or upgrade one thing right now, then auto is the way to go. When it comes to streaming and podcasting, the way you sound is usually why an audience stays or goes.

The Blue Yeti is a great "plug and play" USB mic. This microphone was given to me as a gift early in my streaming career, and I ended up using it for a few years before I decided to upgrade. You can invest in The Elgato Wave for a little more money, which is perfect if you already have Elgato equipment. Many streamers swear by this microphone. I have not had the pleasure of testing it myself, but I know streamers who upgraded to the Elgato Wave, and the sound quality is terrific. On the more expensive end of microphones lies the Shure SM7B. Top streamers have reviewed this microphone, and for the price, the sound quality is as expected... top notch. Because this is an XLR mic, a mixer will be needed, which is another investment. Most microphones are the one piece of equipment that shouldn't need upgrading every year or two years. I have the Blue Blackout Spark SL XLR because I not only stream, but I have a couple of podcasts, and I preferred this sound compared to the other microphones. I do have the Go XLR Mini as my mixer to use my mic.

There are many microphones out there, and I highly suggest researching to see which is the best for you and your budget. If you already have a mic, let me know in the comments section below which one you have and if you are enjoying it.

​*These are Amazon Affiliate Links. I do receive commission on anything you order. Thank you!

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