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The Movie Prop Man

Updated: May 22, 2023

Barrie J. Clark is the owner of a replica Ecto-1 car from the Ghostbusters movie franchise. Barrie recreated the vehicle using a 2009 Toyota Venza. Barrie uses his love for Ghostbusters to give back to the community. He dresses up as a Ghostbuster with a replica Proton Pack, drives his Ecto-1 to children's hospitals, and goes to conventions to promote the Ghostbusters of North Carolina, which is a community organization that helps with charities and events in their designated communities, and he drives his car in parades. Barrie not only recreated the Echo-1, but he also recreated a "working" proton pack. It lights up and makes noise, just like you see in the movies. Barrie also teamed up with a few of his fellow Ghostbusters friends to create a child-size proton pack that was safe for children to use in the hospital so they could feel a part of the magic and fun. The Echo-1 lights up and makes all the iconic sounds, and with the outside speakers, Barrie plays the Ghostbuster's theme song when he arrives at any event. Barrie added different replica props from the movies into the Echo-1 so when people sit in it or take pictures, they can find fun gems from the movie. 

Barrie is also an avid movie prop replica collector. Finding his passion from frequent movie set visits with his father when Barrie was younger. Barrie's father worked in the movie industry and would bring Barrie with him. It was watching his father work and seeing the magic of movies behind the scenes that made Barrie enjoy the attention to detail in movies, which includes props. Barrie enjoys Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies and TV shows, and a lot of his movie prop replicas are from that genre. From a replica Doctor Who Dialect to signed I, Robot movie photos to mini Star Trek Ships. Barrie does not seem to be slowing down with his collection.

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